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Here at Action Transmissions we are proud, certified members of ATRA: Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association.



Check engine light on? Transmission leaking or having problems shifting? Come in or call to schedule a transmission check and diagnosis!



Sometimes it is very apparent when your transmission has failed but sometimes it can be hard to tell for sure. Here are some signs that your transmission is having issues and is in need of repair, maintenance or replacement:





-Harsh shifts

-Check engine light on

-Dark or burnt fluid

-Flares in engine RPM

-Starting in higher gears

-Skipping over gears

-No Overdrive

-Strange shifting patterns

If your vehicle is experiencing any of these symptoms, come on in or give us a call to schedule an appointment and get a price for a diagnostic report. A basic diagnostic report includes a computer hook up to scan for codes, checking fluid level and quality, and a test drive to confirm any symptoms you may be experiencing



Roughly 90 percent of transsmissions fail due to overheating. It is important to make sure your transmissions cooling system is doing an adequate job of keeping your transmission cool. If your vehicles cooler lines have been leaking or are cracked due to age it is vital to replace them in order to keep your transmission from getting low on fluid. Installing an aftermarket cooler helps keep the transmission fluid cool and thins it out to help prevent your clutches from burning up.


If we find that your transmission is bad, the next step is to Remove the transmission, Disassemble it and Inspect the components to find out exactly what caused your transmission to fail. We call this process an R.D.I. Because not every vehicle takes the same amount of time to remove the transmission we will give you a price quote for your specific vehicle  based on year, make and model.

Once we have your transmission out of the vehicle and disassembled we then can price out what it will cost to rebuild your transmission with different warranty options. If the damage to your transmission is extreme and requires a lot of parts to rebuild, it might be more cost effective to purchase either a remanufactured transmission or a good low mile used one. We will give you a price quote for each option and all you have to do is decide which one is going to work for you.



Regular maintenance on your transmission can help extend its life and keep you from costly repairs. We recommend that you change the filter, fluid and pan gasket once a year or every 12,000 miles. If your transmission doesn't have a pan we can drain it and fill it with new oil. Another great way to keep your transmission going strong is a friction modifier additive called Lubeguard. It helps keep your transmission up to 40 degrees cooler and optimizes transmission performance!

Transmissions are not the only components we service! We will gladly service your vehicles transfercase, front and rear differentials or motor oil.

If your vehicle has under 125,000 miles it qualifies for our Castrol Transmax lifetime warranty program, if your transmission fails after servicing it with full synthetic Castrol they will help pay for the repair! Call today and ask for details or schedule an appointment!



The transmission is not the only part we are certified to replace! We specialize in clutches, transfercases, differentials, drivelines, C.V. axles. U-joints and more!



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